In this user study, you will be given a series of tasks in order to select movies from a search engine.

Each task will give you a guideline of what type of movies you need to select. Following these guidelines, you should select movies that you personally enjoy or would like to see. After selecting 5 movies, you will be given a short survey, then moved to the next task where you will be given another guideline. When all tasks are complete, you will be directed to a survey where you can give feedback on the system.

The system offers several components for you to use. Some of these components will not appear in certain tasks.

  • Search

    Allows you to manually search for a tag. All selected tags and movies are reset after a new search

  • Sidebar

    Suggests a static list of tags

  • Assistant

    Suggests a dynamic list of tags. Click the buttons at the bottom for new suggestions

Screenshot of the system
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